Policies and Plans

Files can be downloaded in .pdf format below:

Access to information Policy[782Kb]
Agency Information Guide[1.1Mb]
Aquatic Supervision Bourke Swimming Pool Complex[106Kb]
Asbestos Policy[1.2Mb]
Bourke Public Library Internet Use Policy[283Kb]
Bourke Tourism Strategy[278Kb]
Children Unaccompanied in the Library Policy[383Kb]
Closed Circuit Television Policy[318Kb]
Code of Meeting Practice[1.6Mb]
Community Engagement Strategy 2022[721Kb]
Community Strategic Plan 2017[4.4Mb]
Complaints Management Policy[582Kb]
Compliance and Enforcement Policy[643Kb]
COVID-19 Rates Financial Assistance Policy[781Kb]
Debt Recovery Policy[1.4Mb]
Delivery Program 2017-2021 & Operational Plan 2020-2021[6.4Mb]
Disability Inclusion Action Plan 2017[3.1Mb]
Disposal of Assets Policy[310Kb]
Draft Parks & Gardens Management & Operational Plan 2013[1.1Mb]
Enforcement and Prosecutions Policy[486Kb]
Entry to Bourke Swimming Pool Complex[313Kb]
Equal Employment Opportunity Management Plan[1.7Mb]
Events Management Policy[499Kb]
Financial Assistance to the Community Policy[452Kb]
Flags Policy[91Kb]
Graffiti Management Policy[124Kb]
Growing Bourke 2021[493Kb]
Interlibrary Loans Policy[231Kb]
Investments Policy[815Kb]
Library Membership Policy[249Kb]
Mandatory Pool Inspection Program Policy[360Kb]
Meeting Dates and Times Policy[138Kb]
Model Code of Conduct[373Kb]
Noxious Weed Control Policy[281Kb]
Operational Plan 2021-2022[3.5Mb]
Payment of Expenses and Provision of Facilities for Mayor and Councillors[646Kb]
Pedestrian Management Plan[839Kb]
Plan of Management for the Bourke Golf Club Precinct[2.0Mb]
Privacy Management Policy[449Kb]
Procurement Policy[434Kb]
Public Interest Disclosures Policy[638Kb]
Rates & Charges Hardship Policy[290Kb]
Receiving Gifts / Benefits / Hospitality Policy[287Kb]
Smoke Free Outdoor Area Policy[148Kb]
Social Media Disclaimer[89Kb]
Statement of Business Ethics[417Kb]
Statement of Values[526Kb]
Street Tree Replanting Plan[987Kb]
Stock Grids Policy[1.3Mb]
Workforce Plan 2017[5.1Mb]