Economic Development

Bourke is a wonderful community established in 1861 on the banks of the Darling River. Historically, the town was a vital link for agriculture in the west and larger cities to the east. Today the town welcomes all visitors with a smile and G’day.

Our established township offers pubs and clubs, coffee & gift shops, chemist, motor repairs and supermarkets. We also boast a new hospital facility and established community health services. The majestic Darling River is the wonderful setting for the township of Bourke. Summer activities on the River include fishing, waterskiing, or simply a quick dip to cool off.

Bourke has a very vibrant community representing a diverse range of cultures and interests. The region is renown for it’s artists and musicians. The climate is generally sunny and warm, with temperatures rarely going below zero.

Bourke has plenty to offer families and young professionals. Schools are a feature of the region, boasting two primary schools, two K-10 schools and one high school. There are great medical facilities available, Bourke has several resident GPs, and enjoys regular visits by various specialists at the new hospital and specialist care facilities.

Organised sport for both adults and children include cricket, tennis, golf, soccer, swimming and pony club, whilst children can also play hockey and rugby league, netball, Rugby Union, soccer, cricket, tip football and tennis, all being very popular senior sports in Bourke.

Whilst all primary services are well staffed, there are plenty of opportunities for employment in the Bourke region. Tourism is becoming an increasingly important part of Bourke commerce, and there are opportunities in hospitality, customer service, waitressing, cooking, tourist guides and operators. Professional opportunities include teachers, nurses, business and retail management, agronomy, National Parks guides and rangers, a paddle boat captain, electricity linemen and team leaders, police officers and Government agency staff . Semi skilled positions include farm workers, tractor divers, mine workers, and seasonal fruit picking. Remuneration packages are often very competitive and may include extra benefits.

There are plenty of employment opportunities for those looking for a change and also opportuties to purchase existing businesses or develop new business. For further information on development in the region please contact the Manager Community Engagement on 02 6830 8000.