From the GM’s Desk

A weekly roundup from Council and around the community.
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July 4[136Kb]
June 27[162Kb]
June 20[135Kb]
June 13[157Kb]
June 6[134Kb]
May 30[158Kb]
May 23[134Kb]
May 16[192Kb]
May 9[162Kb]
May 2[166Kb]
April 25[227Kb]
April 18[207Kb]
April 11[211Kb]
April 4[166Kb]
March 28[181Kb]
March 21[174Kb]
March 14[181Kb]
March 7[177Kb]
February 29[134Kb]
February 22[165Kb]
February 15[166Kb]
February 8[137Kb]
February 1[143Kb]


December 21[180Kb]
December 7[158Kb]
November 30[156Kb]
November 23[143Kb]
November 16[164Kb]
November 9[145Kb]
November 2[230Kb]
October 26[159Kb]
October 19[137Kb]
October 5[136Kb]
September 28[189Kb]
September 21[136Kb]
September 14[202Kb]
September 7[211Kb]
August 31[162Kb]
August 24[180Kb]
August 17[185Kb]
August 10[143Kb]
August 3[178Kb]
July 27[179Kb]
July 20[137Kb]
July 13[178Kb]
July 6[177Kb]
June 29[181Kb]
June 15[160Kb]
June 8[221Kb]
June 1[157Kb]
May 25[140Kb]
May 18[158Kb]
April 27[176Kb]
April 20[153Kb]
April 13[164Kb]
March 30[156Kb]
March 23[190Kb]
March 16[139Kb]
March 9[206Kb]
March 2[166Kb]
February 23[156Kb]
February 16[137Kb]
February 9[177Kb]
February 2[136Kb]


December 22[136Kb]
December 15[135Kb]
December 8[183Kb]
December 1[155Kb]
November 24[203Kb]
November 17[181Kb]
November 10[193Kb]
November 3[176Kb]
October 27[183Kb]
October 20[186Kb]
October 13[166Kb]
October 6[136Kb]
September 29[180Kb]
September 22[141Kb]
September 15[182Kb]
September 8[173Kb]
September 1[142Kb]
August 25[160Kb]
August 18[144Kb]
August 11[156Kb]
August 4[192Kb]
July 21[159Kb]
July 14[178Kb]
June 30[162Kb]
June 23[165Kb]
June 16[182Kb]
June 9[185Kb]
June 2[135Kb]
May 26[203Kb]
May 19[186Kb]
May 12[193Kb]
May 5[137Kb]
April 28[163Kb]
April 21[211Kb]
April 14[156Kb]
April 7[169Kb]
March 24[172Kb]
March 17[209Kb]
March 10[257Kb]
March 3[179Kb]
February 24[167Kb]
February 17[192Kb]
February 10[176Kb]
February 3[170Kb]


December 16[205Kb]
December 9[207Kb]
December 2[184Kb]
November 25[201Kb]
November 18[190Kb]
November 11[202Kb]
November 4[212Kb]
October 28[185Kb]
October 21[687Kb]
October 14[493Kb]
October 7[493Kb]
September 23[489Kb]
September 16[494Kb]
September 9[489Kb]
September 2[629Kb]
August 26[181Kb]
August 19[611Kb]
August 12[501Kb]
August 5[497Kb]
July 29[684Kb]
July 22[548Kb]
July 15[535Kb]
July 8[538Kb]
July 1[531Kb]
June 24[619Kb]
June 17[134Kb]
June 10[134Kb]
June 3[135Kb]
May 27[148Kb]
May 20[1.0Mb]
May 13[134Kb]
May 6[126Kb]
April 29[182Kb]
April 22[192Kb]
April 15[131Kb]
April 8[353Kb]
April 1[170Kb]
March 25[132Kb]
March 18[175Kb]
March 11[131Kb]
March 4[156Kb]
February 25[321Kb]
February 18[356Kb]
February 11[375Kb]
January 28[902Kb]


December 10[711Kb]
December 3[707Kb]
November 26[718Kb]
November 19[563Kb]
November 12[695Kb]
November 5[670Kb]
October 29[589Kb]
October 22[498Kb]
October 15[491Kb]
October 1[638Kb]
September 24[641Kb]
September 17[617Kb]
September 10[697Kb]
September 3[717Kb]
August 27[454Kb]
August 20[805Kb]
August 13[612Kb]
July 30[460Kb]
July 23[825Kb]
July 16[792Kb]
July 9[781Kb]
July 2[765Kb]
June 25[789Kb]
June 18[797Kb]
June 11[772Kb]
June 4[923Kb]
May 28[814Kb]
May 21[789Kb]
May 14[842Kb]
May 7[792Kb]
April 30[799Kb]
April 23[806Kb]
April 16[531Kb]
April 9[699Kb]
March 5[375Kb]
February 20[382Kb]
February 13[570Kb]
February 6[430Kb]


December 5[362Kb]
November 28[353Kb]
November 21[390Kb]
November 14[387Kb]
October 31[358Kb]
October 24[374Kb]
October 17[358Kb]
October 10[348Kb]
September 26[377Kb]
September 26[377Kb]
September 19[369Kb]
September 12[367Kb]
August 29[205Kb]
August 15[367Kb]
August 8[362Kb]
July 18[384Kb]
July 18[384Kb]
July 11[376Kb]
June 20[369Kb]
June 13[400Kb]
June 6[320Kb]
May 30[357Kb]
May 16[378Kb]
May 9[358Kb]
May 2[373Kb]
April 18[384Kb]
April 11[365Kb]
April 4[474Kb]
March 28[152Kb]
March 21[187Kb]
March 14[345Kb]
March 7[360Kb]
February 21[349Kb]
February 21[349Kb]
February 14[486Kb]
February 7[480Kb]
January 31[326Kb]


December 20[197Kb]
December 13[352Kb]
December 6[398Kb]
November 22[402Kb]
November 15[195Kb]
November 8[382Kb]
November 1[384Kb]
October 25[393Kb]
October 11[405Kb]
October 4[387Kb]
September 27[392Kb]
September 20[212Kb]
September 13[197Kb]
September 6[584Kb]
August 30[574Kb]
August 23[574Kb]
August 16[556Kb]
August 9[328Kb]
July 12[487Kb]
June 28[334Kb]
June 14[186Kb]
June 7[434Kb]
May 31[199Kb]
May 24[188Kb]
May 17[192Kb]
May 10[183Kb]
May 3[182Kb]
April 26[435Kb]
April 19[198Kb]
April 12[338Kb]
April 5[322Kb]
March 29[359Kb]
March 22[199Kb]
March 15[191Kb]
March 8[182Kb]
March 1[185Kb]
February 22[197Kb]
February 15[462Kb]
February 8[461Kb]
February 1[181Kb]
January 25[184Kb]
January 18[196Kb]
January 11[190Kb]


February 2[430Kb]
February 9[428Kb]
February 16[439Kb]
February 23[423Kb]
March 9[428Kb]
March 16[428Kb]
March 23[426Kb]
March 30[429Kb]
April 6[428Kb]
April 13[429Kb]
April 20[428Kb]
April 27[445Kb]
May 4[431Kb]
May 11[430Kb]
May 18[430Kb]
May 25[425Kb]
June 1[428Kb]
June 8[428Kb]
June 15[430Kb]
June 22[427Kb]
June 29[429Kb]
July 6[429Kb]
July 13[426Kb]
July 20[427Kb]
July 27[427Kb]
August 3[428Kb]
August 10[428Kb]
August 17[438Kb]
August 24[427Kb]
August 31[427Kb]
September 7[427Kb]
September 14[427Kb]
September 21[185Kb]
September 28[206Kb]
October 5[428Kb]
October 12[435Kb]
October 19[429Kb]
October 26[319Kb]
November 2[321Kb]
November 9[197Kb]
November 23[179Kb]
December 7[208Kb]
December 14[189Kb]
December 21[180Kb]


February 4[447Kb]
February 11[453Kb]
February 18[452Kb]
February 25[441Kb]
March 3[443Kb]
March 10[446Kb]
March 17[592Kb]
March 24[521Kb]
March 31[515Kb]
April 7[535Kb]
April 14[535Kb]
May 5[520Kb]
May 12[536Kb]
June 2[539Kb]
June 9[502Kb]
June 16[518Kb]
June 23[519Kb]
June 30[495Kb]
July 7[520Kb]
July 28[522Kb]
August 4[540Kb]
August 18[538Kb]
August 25[520Kb]
September 1[527Kb]
September 9[462Kb]
September 15[440Kb]
September 22[536Kb]
September 29[522Kb]
October 6[514Kb]
October 13[522Kb]
October 20[521Kb]
October 27[518Kb]
November 3[522Kb]
November 10[541Kb]
November 17[453Kb]
November 24[523Kb]
December 8[513Kb]
December 15[539Kb]


January 29[177Kb]
February 12[176Kb]
February 26[191Kb]
March 5[175Kb]
March 12[183Kb]
March 19[175Kb]
March 26[259Kb]
April 2[178Kb]
April 16[331Kb]
April 23[332Kb]
April 30[337Kb]
May 7[329Kb]
May 14[331Kb]
May 21[164Kb]
May 28[272Kb]
June 18[250Kb]
June 25[331Kb]
July 2[331Kb]
July 9[272Kb]
July 16[333Kb]
July 23[339Kb]
July 30[254Kb]
August 6[254Kb]
August 13[256Kb]
August 20[334Kb]
August 27[249Kb]
September 3[331Kb]
September 10[261Kb]
September 17[323Kb]
September 24[453Kb]
October 1[452Kb]
October 8[292Kb]
October 15[307Kb]
October 22[351Kb]
October 29[448Kb]
November 5[305Kb]
November 12[447Kb]
November 19[305Kb]
November 26[442Kb]
December 3[305Kb]
December 10[441Kb]
December 15[525Kb]